“What a great way to communicate to children the importance of trying your best.  “Let the River Flow” is a testament from a truly talented former gymnast and reassures young athletes that the road to success isn’t always an easy one. Vanessa gives children a different outlook on what “success” is through her writing and she gives parents of young athletes a tool to help during the inevitable bumpy roads along the way.  This will be a smart addition to my kindergarten class library.  It will be used to teach young children to let the river flow through the bumpy patches because, eventually, the river will become smooth again.”

– Marie Willcoxon (Fjordholm)
National Team Member from 1998-1999, 1996 National Floor Champion and kindergarten teacher

“My family has read the book and we love River’s story and the illustrations.  Vanessa has taken her gymnastics experiences and used them to create a story and character that resonates with adults and children alike.”

– Steve Penny
President, USA Gymnastics

Gymnastics for me was the way that I set myself and winning and loosing are both part of the competition.  The defeat represented for me only  a new possibility of self-improvement.  That is why I consider the message of this book very important for the education of girls . Sport in general and gymnastics in special offers many opportunities  to empower the character.

– Simona Amanar Tabara

“Let the River Flow” is a beautiful lesson in the ups and downs of not only the river of gymnastics, but the river of life as well.  Vanessa Atler tells a tale based on her real life experience that can help all gymnasts see that the real accomplishment is not about what place you get but how much you “let it flow!”

– Alison Arnold Ph.D.
Sport psychologist and founder of Headgames

“Let the River Flow” is such a sweet book. Being able to cope with the many ups and downs that is gymnastics is tough for even the strongest of athletes. Through ‘Let the River Flow’, Vanessa has beautifully expressed that success is finding and sticking with what you love even when times get tough. In a sport where the only thing you have control over is your performance and effort it’s important to instill this book’s message as early as possible. I recommend this book to all parents with young gymnasts.

– Kristen Maloney
2000 Olympian